BLOW ROOM: Latest Model of bale opener LB 3/6 along with Vario Clean LB 9 has been installed that gives the highest cleaning efficiency of the blow room and effectively removes microdust and enhances the appearance of the yarn. Unimix Lb 7/4 provides a very high flexibility in blending. Xeni CCS prevents any foreign matter to pass along with good items and avoid contamination of Jute, Hair, coloured fibres & polythene etc.
CARDING: High quality LC300 A cards are installed because WELL CARDED IS HALF SPUN as Carding section is the heart of spinning. LC300A are new generation card which does the carding, cleaning and gives a consistent quality silver at higher speed in delivery. DRAW FRAME: High quality of RSB Draw frames are equipped in the plant for better speed and efficient drawing along with better evenness of silver

. RING FRAME: The latest and modern Ring Frame (LR 6) have helped for drastic reduction in erection time and highest production with consistent good quality of yarn Combing & Lap Formers (LK-54 & LH-10): The combing system meets the requirements of higher speed and bigger lap thickness, good quality of silver length, low noil percentage and higher productivity. AUTO CONERS: The latest models of Auto corners from ltaly and Japan have been installed to provide the best quality of auto coned yarn with lowest imperfection.

The Plant

IN HOUSE R & D: The Company’s R&D lab is fully computerized and equipped with latest and high tech quality control gadgets like Evenness Tester, Hvi Spin Lab, Classidata, Fibre Contamination Testers, Hairiness Tester and other various quality control tools. The R&D lab is also equipped with knitting to ensure the finest quality at the end use. For Research Work, a separate team has been constituted for continuous product development and quality improvements.

IMPLEMENTATION OF E.R.P: Complete Business Solution has been implemented in the company that covers all transactions commencing from gate entry of materials till dispatch of final products. Indent Approvals, Order and Vendor management, production scheduling and plant engineering are fully automated in the organization. MIS, costing and budgeting are in built features of the business solution implemented in the company which helps in total transparency, better control and enhanced efficiency.