We always keep in contact with the market demands and aspirations, therefore keep developing new products for existing end users or find newer applications for existing products. Our product portfolio is just not limited to apparel and home textiles, a large part of our business is for hygiene products and technical applications.

J C L started some time ago the process of reorganizing its product portfolio to include a growing proportion of Specialties. At the same time, J C L will stand by its brand for specialties maintaining both services and customized products for creating Value chains with the Retail industry.

J C L has its core competency in processing Cotton (for Surgical usage) and polyester fiber (for complete value chain from –
  • - yarn to sewing threads
  • - yarn to fabrics
  • - dyeing / finishing

and, then offering to our garment manufacturing buyers.
Our product range includes –
  • 100% Cotton circular knitted Bleached White – silicon treated / Bio washed (both Optional), finished ready Cuttable fabrics (after Compaction)
  • 100% Polyester semi Dull Spun yarns manufactured from Virgin fiber (count range Ne 20s – 40s)
  • Singles / multifolds
  • End uses knitting and weaving
  • - 100% Polyester Spun Sewing threads Bright SHT – RT (super high tenacity – reverse twist) counts

  • Ne 2/20, 3/20 and 4 plied at TFO
  • Ne 2/30, 3/30 and 4 plied at TFO
  • Ne 2/40, 3/40 and 4 plied at TFO
  • Ne 2/42, 3/42 and 4 plied at TFO
  • Ne 2/50, 3/50 and 4 plied at TFO
  • Ne 2/56, 3/56 and 4 plied at TFO
  • Ne 2/60, 3/60 and 4 plied at TFO
  • Ne 2/62, 3/62 and 4 plied at TFO

We can also offer Optical White polyester yarns / sewing threads on Order basis